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LCD6402B Serial 128x64 Graphics LCD

The LCD6402B is a low-cost intelligent serial graphic liquid crystal display featuring I2C interface, 32K-bytes of non-volatile memory and keypad interface.

Operation is from a single 5V supply. The LCD6402B is designed for easy implementation for embedded applications.

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LCD6402B 128x64 Intelligent
Serial Graphics LCD Module
Available in mono.


  • On-board graphics storage
  • Low power for battery operated instruments
  • Simple 2-wire interface
  • Only requires single 5V supply
  • Easy to implement


  • Vending machines
  • Access control
  • Alarm panels
  • Portable instruments
  • Security
  • Energy monitors


  • 128 x 64 Graphics LCD
  • White LED back-light
  • Built-in graphics functions:
    - Line
    - Circle
    - Rectangle
    - Frame
    - Character generator
    - Bit map
  • Custom fonts
  • I2C interface
  • Operates from single 5V supply
  • Digital contrast control
  • Temperature compensation
  • 32768 bytes of user EEPROM
  • Back-light control
  • Keypad interface
  • Free LCD graphics development tool
  • Overall size: 80W x 50H x 14D (MM)
  • Viewing area: 50W X 31H (MM)


LCDLAB is a free PC-based software tool to aid developing graphical user interfaces for the LCD64 family of displays. LCDLAB provides a means of programming images and text to the LCD6402 so they may be easily reproduced on the graphic LCD.

Typically, a number of graphic objects are prepared using LCDLAB where each object consists of images and text. These 'objects' are then compiled to binary and programmed to the LCD6402 via a serial programming lead. Once programmed the graphic objects are recalled by the user's host MPU via the I2C bus.

With LCDLAB comes Font Maker, a powerful tool for capturing and editing fonts which can be used in your LCD6402 application.


Download LCDLAB here (1.4MB)

Data Sheet

  • LCD6402B (560kB)

Application Notes

  • AN1001 LCD6402B and 5V PIC16F876A Interface in C
  • AN1002 LCD6402B and BASIC Stamp-2 Interface
  • AN1003 LCD6402B Implementing List Menus
  • AN1004 LCD6402B Solar Heated Water Controller

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