Jamtech Electronics


Here is a selection of our recent projects:

Data Logger

Analogue data logger for a pollution monitoring system.

Design a human interface consisting of membrane keypad, LCD and driver PCB. Write firmware in C/assembler for a Microchip PIC16F877 microcontroller to drive the LCD and keypad.

Design a processor PCB consisting of ATMEL microcontroller RAM, RTC, USB &
A/D. Write low level I/O drivers in C for an Atmel Mega128 microcontroller.

Design a barrier PCB consisting of surge protectors and 4-20mA transmitters.

Roulette Wheel Reader

A device for reporting the ‘winning number’ of a ball on a roulette wheel.

Design a device capable of determining the position of a ball on a roulette wheel using an optical system with alignment mechanism.

Manufacture and assemble tested Reader Heads in batches of 100 with one year’s warranty.

This sophisticated design involved multiplexing a number of focussed light sources onto a roulette wheel and measuring their reflected light intensities to determine wheel and ball position. Firmware was written in C running on a Philips LPC2000 (ARM core) series microcontroller.

Multi Serial Adapter

Bespoke smart card and I2C card reader/writer, infra-red receiver and Dallas compatible one wire network to serial adapter.

Design, build and test a custom PCB to perform the required functions.

Write firmware in C/assembler for a Microchip PIC microcontroller to perform the various functions.

Manufacture tested PCB assemblies in batches of fifty with one year’s warranty.

Renal Preservation System

This system is a lightweight, transportable and self-contained renal preservation system.

Carry out firmware programming in FORTH/assembler for a Hitachi microcontroller to drive a colour 1/4 VGA graphics LCD.

Axial Pull Test Controller

Human machine interface for controlling a three axis pull 'test' rig.

Design an LCD control panel fitted to a mounting panel with keypads.

Write firmware written in FORTH/assembler to drive the LCD and control three independent electric motors via RS232.

Ice Gun Azimuth Control Unit

Motor control unit for an Ice Gun used in the aero test industry.

Deisgn and build a motor control unit and operator panel to set the azimuth of an Ice Gun.


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