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Application of Hall Effect Devices in Wind Direction Sensing

Describes the design and application of Hall Effect device based wind direction sensor.

BLDc Sensored Electronics Speed Controller for Small Electric Vehicles

Presented is the design of a low profile electronic speed controller (ESC) for driving small (<1KW) brushless sensored motors in the application of a lightweight one person electric platform vehicles...

Arduino SIM900 SIM800 IoT End-to-End Solution

This article will show you how to roll-your-own simple end-to-end internet-of-things (IoT) solution without the need for IoT platforms...

Manchester encoding using RS232

A method of transporting manchester encoded data using a standard UART for RF applications.

DC-DC Converters and supply cables

Designing DC-DC converters to operate over long supply cables.

Photovoltaic power supply

Getting optimal power from photovoltaic cells using a modified switch mode regulator.

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